Hi, I’m Latina

Growing up as a Latina in south Texas I never thought of myself as a minority. Because I wasn’t. We had some white kids at our school, but my world was mostly shades of brown. I danced folklorico, I had friends in mariachi bands and everyone (including the white kids) could do a mean grito. There was nothing shameful or ironic about our heritage. This election has changed how this country views Latinxs. Our humanity has been erased. We’re reduced to rapists and bad hombres. You know what I see when I look at my fellow latinxs? I see a love of family, an appreciation for hard work, and people who will always make the best with what they have. My @uxibal boots are more than just a conscious purchase for me. Yes they’re fair trade made by women in Guatemala. But looking at the work and love that we’re obviously poured into them, I am reminded of the love and hard work of my ancestors. All the sacrifices they made so I could live my dream. These aren’t just boots for me. They are a reminder that wherever I walk, my heritage blooms.

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