If the Shoe Fits Buy It

I’m a huuuge fan of combat boots. They’re durable, I can wear them anywhere, and they don’t kill my feet or back like heels do. When my old boots gave out a few weeks ago I was stuck with a dilemma. Get the same ones I always have? Or abandon them for a more compassionate brand? Would I find something I liked?

After much searching I found Bhava Studio. Vegan and ethically made in Spain! Vegan fashion is great for animals, but do you know it’s great for the planet too? The leather industry is the most devastating aspect of the fashion industry. Which is itself the #2 polluter in the world. The conditions in which workers are forced into are the top toxic zones in the world. Ffffffff that. And I ? that I don’t have to sacrifice style. Just like their less planet friendly leather counterparts they’re incredibly comfortable. I know these babies will be with me for years. No guilt with all the comfort

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