Pandas aren’t just for cuddling

When I was 7 I got my first pair of glasses. I felt like a total nerd, but at least I could see. Over the years my vision got worse and worse, until it was so bad I couldn’t even see anything on the eye chart. You know that giant E at the top? Yeah, it was so blurry that I swore it was missing. That’s when I got lasik eye surgery and my life was changed. I saw individual leaves on trees, and my bruises from bumping into furniture in the middle of the night faded. I felt so free. Every day I’m grateful that my family could afford eye surgery. Did you know 702 million people still live without access to eyewear? That’s why for every pair of Wear Panda Sunglasses you buy they give the gift of vision.

By partnering up with Optometry Giving Sight they’ve trained, offered exams, and given glasses to many 1,000s of people. Optometry Giving Sight is a non-profit that donates glasses to those in need. Even better they build optometry schools AND train locals to become optometrists. Their work helps develop local infrastructure to ensure a long-term solution. It’s so efficient and well thought out it makes my heart smile
And to add to the awesomeness Wear Panda Sunglasses are made from bamboo! Aka the sustainable wunderkind. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers needed! ??

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