The Start of Something New

I’m always looking for ways to be a more conscious fashionista. Being a concious consumer can be so overwhelming. Where do you start? What do all these different terms even mean? Which companies can I trust? Which is why I’m starting a new initiative: Sustainable Saturdays. Every Saturday I’ll bring you one of my fav sustainable pieces and tell you why I’m obsessed. First up this infinity dress from Orgotton. I mean it’s just so long and pretty and I feel like a goddamn QUEEN. Its long infinity straps mean I can wear it a bazillion ways so I end up getting way more use out of it. The less clothes we buy=less pollution. It’s 100% organic cotton, made in Philly, and Orgotton is owned by 2 sisters!! Awww family you guys! See?? I’m obsessed.

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